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Tea class | 002 some agreements

1、 Definition of tea

The tea here does not include non tea tea (many plant leaves / fruits that can be drunk or brewed are called tea), such as Kuding tea, fruit tea, tea made of dried flowers, etc.

2、 Which people or periods are not suitable for tea

(these are zi’er’s suggestions. Whether they are implemented depends on everyone.)

  1. Caffeine sensitivity (results can be known through genetic tests or daily feedback)
  2. Women’s period
  3. During pregnancy
  4. Other doctors’ advice
  5. Any time you feel uncomfortable

3、 Tea won’t bring you anything

(these are zi’er’s views. Don’t expand. If you want to get the following harvest, the sharing of this series is not suitable for you.)

  1. No cure
  2. Cannot become a Buddha or an immortal
  3. Can’t help you practice (meditation / meditation)
  4. Can not increase your artistic accomplishment
  5. Cannot increase your philosophical system / thinking
  6. Can’t make you healthier and live longer
  7. There is no so-called spiritual function of body and mind

4、 So what is the meaning of drinking tea?

  1. One of the ways of entertainment. (other options are tourism, reading, food, spa, pet keeping, photography, wine tasting, etc.)

Lesson 2 assignment:

  1. According to the requirements of “what not to do in tea eating class | 001”, make your daily tea (if you don’t have tea at home now, you can make water, pretend to make tea, and you have to finish the water). Welcome to leave a message to feed back your experience. Estimated operation duration: 30 minutes.

  2. Review lesson 1